A Livestream Series

Presented by Pure Life Ministries

We are pleased to announce that, although we had to cancel our 20th Annual Conference, we will be livestreaming a special series of messages along our original theme.

The days of Noah were characterized by sensuality, violence and unbridled wickedness. This so deeply provoked God’s fury that His righteous wrath was unleashed upon mankind. This same spiritual atmosphere has resurfaced in our day. Yet it seems that there are few who are prepared for what is headed our way.

Tune in for a weekend of powerful messages that will strengthen you to stand for righteousness and push back against the onslaught of evil.


During the scheduled times, our stream will be available for free on our Facebook page, YouTube channel, smartphone app and on this site.

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Friday, April 24th

Session 1
Worship / Dave Leopold
session 1 (replay)

Saturday, April 25th

session 1 (Replay)
Session 2
Worship / Steve Gallagher
Session 2 (Replay)
Session 3
Worship / Dustin Renz
Session 3 (Replay)

Sunday, April 26th

Session 4
Worship / Glenn Meldrum
Session 4 (Replay)


Dave Leopold


Steve Gallagher


Dustin Renz


Glenn Meldrum