April 28th & 29th, 2023

The world as we know it is in a spiritual freefall—moving ever further away from God. Those who remain attached to this world system are moving irresistibly into an ever-greater darkness. Before long they will be utterly engulfed, unable to escape. The only way out is to live in the will of God every minute of every day. This is the only path into the light—the only way into God.



Steve Gallagher

For thirty-six years of intense ministry to those bound in sexual sin, Steve Gallagher has led thousands of desperate souls into an encounter with the Cross. This experience has given him deep insight into the human heart and the unseen spiritual realm that surrounds us. Steve’s burden is to see believers purified and possessed by the power of God. His messages impart an eternal perspective and call Christians to a deeper life in God.

Ofer Amitai

Ofer & Chris Amitai  spent fourteen years in training and ministry at the Zion Faith Homes which is where they met Steve & Kathy Gallagher in 1992. Not long after this they returned to Ofer’s homeland of Israel and have pastored a church in Jerusalem since 1994.  Ofer’s Jewish roots, years of meaningful ministry and  rich life in God flow  together beautifully when he opens God’s Word and shares about the Lord. 

Dustin Renz

After graduating from Southeastern University, Dustin and his wife Brittany served as Missionary Associates in Macedonia. However, when Dustin’s old sinful habits resurfaced, he was forced to enter the Pure Life Ministries Residential Program. There, God radically altered his life, marriage and ministry. He is the President of Make Way Ministries, which exists to see the world changed one Christian at a time through its speaking, publishing and online ministries.

Dave Leopold

Dave Leopold is a long-time friend of Steve and Kathy Gallagher. After being radically saved from a life of drug-use, Dave was trained as a pastor at the Zion Faith Homes. He has spent his life seeking the presence of God and praying that the Body of Christ would be purified and made ready for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Who Will You Follow?

Our 3rd Annual Preconference

Hosted by Jeff and Rose ColÓn

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

*In Person Only

There is a disturbing cultural trend which is seeping into Christian marriages. Husbands are abdicating their God-given leadership roles in favor of selfish pursuits, resulting in division, chaos and strife in the home. Whether or not you're a couple in crisis, this preconference will offer you the biblical truth needed for a peaceful and godly marriage.

About Jeff and Rose



Super Early Bird

Jan. 6th - Jan. 29th, 2023


Early Bird

Jan. 30th - Mar. 12th, 2023



Mar. 13th - Apr. 28th, 2023


Kid's Track

Ages 3-12


Livestream Pass*

Per Household


*Preconference will not be livestreamed


Jan. 6th - Apr. 27th, 2023




Join us at the Ark Encounter

Our Conference will once again be hosted at the Answers Center, located on the grounds of the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky, just 15 minutes from our Residential Campus. This 2500-seat multipurpose auditorium is well-suited for wonderful times of worship, teaching and fellowship. It will even be transformed on Saturday night into a beautiful banquet hall for our Alumni and Friends Benefit Banquet!

The Preconference will be held at Mt. Olivet church, just down the road from the Ark Encounter.

The Ark Encounter